Propane Gas Explosion Levels New York Home

by Editor on April 5, 2010

Orleans County, New York:  The flip of a light switch forever changed the lives of Steven and Paula Broadwell and their two adult children.  Although Paula Broadwell was away from the home at work, Steven Broadhead and his two children were home.  Investigators believe the explosion that destroyed the Broadwell’s farm was touched off when Steven walked into the room and turned on a light switch.

Neighbors describe the aftermath of this propane gas explosion as appearing “like a war zone.”  No one could believe that all 3 of the residents were able to escape the explosion and horrific fire alive.  However, Steven Broadwell was hospitalized and listed in guarded condition, but making progress.

Orleans County Emergency Manager Paul Wagner told local reporters, “We’re looking at a propane explosion here. We’re pretty confident and we’re trying to determine where the actual leaked occurred and what’s the actual source of ignition might be.”

It has been reported that the Broadwell family is current staying with family members, but their former Church as offered to provide its parsonage for them to live in until they’re able to find a new home. 

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